borednawkward: dicktective: theumbrellaseller: This woman just lost her child. Amy has been held against her will in Demon’s Run for about 9 months now. She wasn’t really there for most of it. Today she gave birth to a child she didn’t even know she had, because she missed the entire pregnancy. She had her baby […]

bovine-: Interviewer: What was the name of the character david played in the goblet of fire?Catherine: Something like Perfidious Snatch, or something? I’ve never seen it! Cuckleberry Wish!? Gilfroy!? Don’t! I’ll get this…Something like, someone Jr. Snatchy Slime Jr..or something?! Someone called, Perfidious!? No! Swarty?! Someone Jr! Swarty, isn’t it? Bertie!Interviewer: Close! Barty!Catherine: Barty?! Barty […]

pantslessprogressive: New York residents Richard Dorr, 84, and John Mace, 91, have been together for 61 years. Thanks to last night’s victory, they will soon be able to marry in their home state. “We thought about getting married in Massachusetts, but it just didn’t seem to jibe right,” said Dorr. “It should be in the state […]