whovianfeminism: bradofarrell: haha I like how moffat can just be Jeff Dunham sexist and no one minds ^This is what I mean when I talk about Moffat falling into the Politically Incorrect Hero trope. The hero says something that is offensive (in this case, sexist), and its presented as something acceptable and funny. Needless to […]

holyharam: saltyseababies: when my parents lived in israel, my dad worked in this restaurant with a palestinian man who did not speak hebrew very well. my dad taught him how to say things like “butts” in russian, and he taught my dad how to say things like “poop” in arabic. the moral of the story […]

It saddens me to see girls proudly declaring they’re not like other girls – especially when it’s 41,000 girls saying it in a chorus, never recognizing the contradiction. It’s taking a form of contempt for women – even a hatred for women – and internalizing it by saying, Yes, those girls are awful, but I’m […]

jonnyraygun13: zuky: nightlocke-d: bestnatesmithever: I just thought of something. If Jesus was born today…in Bethlehem, how accepting would Americans be of him? A 32-year-old man from Palestine who speaks Hebrew and tells you to give all your money to the poor? Burn If Jesus were born today and gained any sort of clout, the same […]