lemonade73: wilwheaton: bobbycaputo: nbcnews: After vote allowing gay kids to become Boy Scouts, some families call it quits (Photo: Dan Koeck for NBC News) The father of a Cub Scout sat his son on his lap late last week and told him news that tore up both their hearts: The family was leaving the Boy Scouts. […]

sarah531: *taps mike* Guys I want to talk about this scene, as it is not only my favourite Martha scene but possibly my favourite companion scene- Because Martha Jones has just been through ABSOLUTE HELL, and you see that woman there, Professor Docherty? She sort of helped with that! She traded Martha’s life for her […]

fake-mermaid: does anyone else wake up in the middle of their dream, and you just love the dream you’re having so much and you try to go back to sleep thinking about it so it can continue off from the same part before you woke up, or is it just me

As unbelievable as [White Dude Super Detective (WDSD)] characters are, they would become infinitely more so if their race or gender were changed. In The Mentalist, WDSD Patrick Jane once grifted clients as a fake psychic, but now works as a hard-to-control resource for the California Bureau of Investigations. What if the Jane character were […]

Dear Cannes Film Festival, Roman Polanski is a child rapist. I know I’ve written this exact same letter before, although last time it was to the British Film Institute. I’m sure you are bored of hearing this. I’m certainly finding writing this over and over and over again somewhat tedious but people seem to be […]