octoberland replied to your post: Smoke & Mirrors Chapter Ten: Breakthroughs I wonder if there’s such a thing as a black hole fandom. I may need to start one! Maybe check the tags and see what you find? I’ve seen a few space related posts on here so I’m sure there’s a fandom for you […]

hellotailor: fursasaida: begentlewithmewatson: satdeshret: warriorcreek: The Warrior Pack purse line. There are 8 different ways you can wear the purse (handbag, purse, thigh holster, shoulder holster, messenger bag, backpack, fanny pack, and protected purse). Simply adjust the straps to change the look. The safest purse ever created and even more safe with a Glock 23 […]

lokifrommidgard replied to your post “lokifrommidgard replied to your post “Sitting here wishing…” As a Cornwall Dweller I pass onto thee Dreckly. It isn’t Directly it’s actually a whole new word that means basically the same thing. 😛 I shall treasure it always! Here, have a nesh (person who can’t handle the cold)