partially-stars: dlete: ayalaatreides: geeknetwork: Mad Max: Fury Road bluray to include black & white, silent cut [x] There’s no doubt that Mad Max: Fury Road has a stunning landscape, with its kaleidoscope of oranges and blues. However, during a Q&A with /Film, director George Miller has revealed that fans can expect a black and white […]

She turned down choice parts. She had affairs with men and women alike, and spoke frankly about sex. When she was 18, she had a two-month fling with Charlie Chaplin, and she loved telling friends the glowing red penis story: Apparently, Chaplin had heard that a drop of iodine on your penis could prevent venereal […]

zombeesknees: #oh noooooooooo  #growing up at Citadel it wasn’t just that she couldn’t grieve for her mother  #it was that the life at Citadel made many human reactions impossible  #human habits and rituals and ways of being  #so many things would have been shut off and shut down and put into emotional cold storage  #because […]

shamy-love-child: supamuthafuckinvillain: dankandpurpledrank: liveblazed: praisetheherb: elphabaforpresidentofgallifrey: loveistheultimatetrip: xdefytheleader: Never forget. R.I.P. THE SKATES AND THE VELCRO BALL THING THERE’S A TAMAGOTCHI APP NOW BITCHES SERIOUSLY MY FAVORITE POST EVER  OMG HIT CLIPS! Literally had everything not even kidding BOP IT! That shit was addicting. I still play with my tamagotchi

absinthenoir: fuckrealityihaveablog: I want a story about an Italian vampire. No romance, no action. Just 200 pages of “What do you mean, I can’t have garlic? Do you know where I’m from?” TBH I think the main issue would be the mirror thing have you ever met an Italian man the amount of time they […]

Someone enlighten me on why PETA sucks?

carolinarain: betheirvoiceseathechange: betheirvoiceseathechange: Please. *googles for more info* OH MY GOD I HATE PETA😫😑 I’ll try not to rant here… Ingrid Newkirk, the president of PETA is (by my opinion and definition) an eco-terrorist. In her opinion no one should have any pets, animals should all be free, and humans should go extinct so that […]