Gina Torres is way way WAY too old to play wonder woman.

threepointonefourmakesxai: daji-ruhu: geekandmisandry: She’s younger than Paul Rudd who played Ant Man, she’s younger than Robert Downey Jr who plays Iron Man. She’s only a year older than Hugh Jackman who plays Wolverine, four years older than Ben Affleck who plays Batman. I know women are meant to expire and retire to a farm once […]


hekahte: knightcommandernerd: this is your psa to NOT USE AO3 TAGS the same way you would use tags on tumblr! AO3 goes through a lot of effort to create and track tags, whereas tumblr is freeflow and blog-respective. please only use AO3 tags that have story relevancy, NOT AS PERSONAL TAGS. list of good example […]