randomthingsthatilike123: arroganceundaunted: it’s good that luna is such a fantastic and moral character because she has the brains and the motives to be a terrifying and unsuspected villain oh my god Luna would be a TERRIFYING Dark Lord forget Hermione Luna could probably take Hermione because Hermione at least has some predictability in that she […]

janiedean: ughsocialjustice: lamboocalrissian: theinturnetexplorer: Healthcare in the US Even if one of these people had insurance that ended up covering most if not all of these amounts, this shit is still crazy. Especially for people with no insurance. This is so alien to me. Why pay for an operation that is absolutely essential for one’s […]

freakingdork: marielikestodraw: consultingsuperhusbands: manticoreimaginary: PACIFIC RIM CUT SCENES WITH TOPLESS IDRIS ELBA?? YOU FUCKING MONSTERS. I only vaguely know what Pacific Rim is, but I know exactly what a great tragedy this is AGONY #no no no #this is so important #because Raleigh has those scars too #they’re the only two pilots to ever ride a Jeager solo #and […]

Today’s my only day off work this week, but it’s the bank holiday weekend and the Royal Armouries were having a superhero weekend so I wasn’t missing out on that. Me and a work friend took her eight year old daughter along as an excuse. Highlights included my friend fondling the Cap statues bum, a […]