meariver: racethewind10: romanimp: I can’t wait for the days where scholarship has to muddle through and ao3 pseudonyms like “guys, I have evidence to believe that starfucker69 was a pseudonym for one of our landmark literary figures of the 21st century and that they in fact first began their writing career with filthy sinful […]

linesthatenlace: PHOTO 8: MUSIC Saw Delain last night with @latessitrice pretty awesome gig; the sound levels weren’t quite right but still didn’t take away the brilliance of Charlotte’s voice. Great way you end the weekend! The support act were The Gentle Storm, featuring the amazing Anneke van Giersbergen and a host of other musicians from […]

Thor: Ragnarok, and why making it a Thor/Hulk buddy film is the stupidest thing ever

femmert15: So I think it’s pretty safe to say that as far as fans of the franchises go, Iron Man is the most male dominated, Captain America is probably half and half, and Thor is probably the most female dominated. Thor is probably also the weakest franchise as well. So adding Bruce to Ragnarok, it’s […]

banditexotica: tumblr in 2016:  no posts on your dash, just ads. inability to follow single blogs and instead u have to follow a ‘topic’  u can only reblog stuff thats in the ‘topic’ u follow cant make posts anymore without sacrificing a virgin  they post stuff on your blog for you & without your knowledge  comments on […]