I have an unpleasant point to make [about Kingsman].

defractum: concernedlily: maxamori: Without even considering trousers, socks, and underwear, Eggsy’s iconic outfit in the movie is over $800. Throw those missing details in there and I’m pretty sure we’re looking at a solid grand, give or take. This is the outfit that the movie uses to narratively distinguish Eggsy as “a poor person.” I don’t […]

usedkarma: concavepatterns: fuckyeahdarcylewis: In 2015 Darcyland was so precious to a lot of us; it was the place where we found the quiet, the love we needed to breathe a little bit better in a world without rest. That’s what I hope our little fandom will be again for 2016. We all want a better […]