the babysitters club as tumblr bloggers

this-too-too-sullied-flesh: atshirtaway: jonahryan: kristy: fitblr lesbian blogger. reblogs a lot of pictures of girls in nike compression shorts and workout plans, and also paparazzi photos of kristen stewart. claudia: diy kiddiecore fashion blogger. promos her etsy shop a lot where she sells deconstructed care bears earrings and lisa frank phone cases. her selfies with metallic […]

lokisday: No, but think about the psychology of Sigyn and Loki at his binding. He probably doesn’t get a lot of visitors. He’s in a cave and chained up. There’s nothing to see or touch. And there’s an acid faucet over his body. If Sigyn leaves, he’s going to be in social isolation, sensory deprivation, […]

I saw a theory not too long ago that said he might not be so dead after all and that classified document Jack had about Agent Carter might not have been about Agent Peggy Carter. Like the guy who shot Jack and stole that document in the last episode might have been Peggy’s brother.

Yeah, I wouldn’t be surprised if the file was about him and he was alive but deep undercover or something. (The file was about ‘M Carter’ so it’d be a classic piece of misdirection to lead people to think ‘Margaret’ instead of ‘Michael’…especially when Peggy clearly knew nothing about the incident when Thompson mentioned it). But if […]