Clint threatens to call the Ghostbusters on Vision every time he walks through walls.

pollydoodles: buckbuckbuckminsterbarnes: Bonus : one time he actually does, and Patty zaps him good because she knows damn well Vision isn’t a ghost, but she sure as hell isn’t putting up with some dude dropping out of the vents on her. Meanwhile, Holtzmann flirts up a storm with Wanda. Originally posted by cine-apropos

rainy-day-writing: I can see why someone would think so. I just don’t personally. (By the way, I’ve only ever seen the movies, not sure if that makes a difference). Considering the time period, (especially after just coming off of watching Pride and Prejudice); a woman living alone in a town with no family was incredibly […]

accio-shitpost: in a world with broomstick travel, apparition and floo powder, the knight bus is a wholly pointless invention and i love it

tomfletcherscats: i love when my preschoolers pretend to be talking on the phone bc if u leave them to their own devices and observe they just start saying things they’ve heard adults say into the phone like “hello i have an appointment, i’d like some rice”