pollydoodles: meleedamage: leftylain: pollydoodles: meleedamage: svenyves: leftylain: pollydoodles: I know there’s an overabundance of bright red silken domestic home wear going down, and that’s all very distracting, but I for one would like to know why they’ve put cardboard all over the floor.  Oh my god.  I just noticed the cardboard.  It’s taped down.  What […]

carry-on-my-wayward-butt: honeyrenaissance: unpretty: unpretty: unpretty: my mom got accepted into my college so i’m at orientation with her and she keeps having to explain that she’s the student oh my god she has a classy leather binder for some reason?? SHE MADE A SCHEDULE IN WORD AND PRINTED IT AND DREW A MAP ON IT […]

yeah no sorry hillary clinton is a murderer and rapist-defender she’s not like “literally any other politician” and it’s disgusting you would say that lol

laughterbynight: thebibliosphere: That “fact” about Clinton defending a child rapist and laughing about it, came about in May of 2016 this year. It’s a new lie which is part of a carefully orchestrated smear campaign that’s been running against her for the last 20 years because the thought of a woman in power scares certain […]

jumpingjacktrash: epikalstorms: thestirge: So I heard this story second-hand, many years ago, but the gist was that a friend of a friend lived in what was generally considered a bad neighborhood, because he was a super poor college student and it was what he could afford. He didn’t have any furniture, he just slept on […]