carpaydiem: jackthevulture: I’m gonna outlive donald trump i dont care how long i have to wait i wanna live in a world where he doesnt exist and I dont have to hear or see him  Spite, fuel me im not goin anywhere god this was so uplifting to read

teashoesandhair: teashoesandhair: This is a Mills & Boon from 1967 and honestly I don’t know what I’d do if I met someone and they said ‘with those hands she simply must play the piano’ but it would probably end in tears For those asking, this is from ‘When Love is Blind’ by Mary Burchell, aka Ida […]

Forgive Me

pollydoodles: Because I did indeed intend to sit and write new chapters of outstanding fic, but what I have instead composed is an email to my local (Conservative) MP condemning the (in)action of our (un)elected Prime Minister. Mrs May, history will judge you and by God so do I. If anybody wants to write to […]

Author Spotlight: LeftyLain

mcuwintershock: This week’s recommendation comes from @awwheartno, who said: I’m gonna suggest doing a spotlight on Leftennant because she’s kinda the bees knees and the queen of wintershock in my humble opinion.  I’m sure most Wintershock shippers have heard of @leftylain (aka leftennant) – she’s one of our leading lights – but that’s no reason […]