anais-ninja-blog: mcgregorswench: lucid-dreamer-dreams: blaineandsamevanderson: under-the-moonlight-tower: lisapizza: fourteenacross: such-heights: Okay I’ve got it. Jason Momoa is a soulful artist turned boat mechanic after his baby sister Auli’i Cravalho was placed in his care. At sixteen, her goals include winning the upcoming inter-school gymnastics competition, getting an A in maths, and finding love for her stupid big […]

jesssicacruz: mystical-flute: chaos-at-the-boogie: twistedkate: pyrlspite: character: *isn’t 100% good or evil* The Internet: hello naughty children it’s Discourse time character: *is actually 100% evil* The Internet: defense squad uwu character: *is actually, truly, for once 100% good* The Internet: um actually in issue 9374 page 297 line 2 they said something that the villain also […]

librarian-amy replied to your post: anais-ninja-blog replied to your post “cassiscas… “oh no this wallpaper is so ugly” REDECORATE, PEOPLE. My house had SIXTEEN different wallpaper patterns in it when we moved in and yet we did not die! I get if you’re renting this isn’t always possible (but usually rented properties are more neutral […]

coffin-dust: latessitrice: coffin-dust replied to your post: “I love the condo, it’s just a shame there’s no… A)fuck the sea, there’s shit already living in there and they are welcome to that watery hellmouth. B) CAN AMERICANS NOT SWIM??? I have never watched this show but your commentary has got me so pissed You should […]

karadin: iamanathemadevice: captn-sara-holmes: My class 10/10 lost the plot today. I don’t even know where to start or how to explain to their parents that I think they’ve all turned into tiny little rebels. 9:10 – we are studying a report about Chernobyl in guided reading. Several are looking at me gone out when I […]