soph-okonedo: “I consider myself a confident person, but there’s always been an undercurrent of insecurity throughout my career. Self-esteem is never set in stone. It’s fluid, and it’s something you constantly have to manage. It can dip so easily, and when it does, you have to work to get it back up to a place […]

Types of Ships

Ships: the average joe Boats: tiny ships that don’t last for too long Submarines: unknown/widely unpopular ships Ghost ships: sunken ships that still sail, where one/both sides of the ship have died Battleships: antis; they sink other ships for their own benefit, and are the cause of many ships wars Water Police: they are the […]

What are your feelings about Steve and Bucky watching reruns of “The Golden Girls”?

That they should absolutely let me join them since I’ve never watched it but the gifs make it look amazing? (I don’t think it ever got aired on a major channel in the UK so not many people will have watched it except for repeats on satellite/digital channels). I think the one played by Bea […]

bubbly-nightmare: pros of rewatching the first thor movie: – jane kicking it at science  – seeing the transformation of thor from horribly arrogant to mildly arrogant in a space of days because of True Love™ – happy loki cons of rewatching the first thor movie: – odin’s a+ parenting – the destruction of innocence and […]

kelseyridge13: I love this moment.  I love it, because Agent Carter she is historically accurate. American servicemen serving in the UK were issued pamphlets reminding them that the UK women had been in that war longer than the Americans had and deserved their respect: A British woman officer or non-commissioned officer can and often does […]

when-it-rains-it-snows: esendoran: inquisitorhierarch: betterbemeta: volfish: evnw: railroadsoftware: handsomejackass: horse people are weird what does this mean horses can see demons @betterbemeta are you able to translate this? Is it true horses can see netherbeings?? Will we ever know the extent of their powers??? I think I have reblogged this before but I’ll answer it again […]

Writer Problems

brendaonao3: stephrc79: discordantwords: fuckyeahfightlock: missdaviswrites: yamitamiko: nocsa: When you lose interest in a story that you’re writing but YOU HAVEN’T LOST INTEREST IN THE STORY, YOU’VE JUST LOST INTEREST IN THAT PARTICULAR PART THAT YOU’RE WRITING AND YOU WANT TO GET TO THE GOOD STUFF THAT YOU’RE ACTUALLY INTERESTED IN BUT YOU CAN’T DO THAT […]