Valkyrie is more “equal” to Thor than Foster was? She was an astrophysicist who did mind-boggling science. Her different skill set was one of the reasons they worked so well together on-screen. Equating “punching things as hard as a male character” with equality is reductive—also because it presents them as existing only in contrast to […]

anais-ninja-blog: buginateacup: post–grad: post–grad: concept: instead of 4 more Fantastic Beasts movies, Comedy Central takes over and produces 50 episodes of Drunk History: Wizarding World Edition historian, holding his 5th glass of firewhiskey: I’m here to talk to you about…. about Claudius Cleansweep, the goddamn founder of modern Quidditch. [cut to Gilderoy Lockhart in period […]

susiephone: according to JKR, lockhart was born in 1964, which would make him 28 at the time of “chamber of secrets” do you realize what this means most of lockhart’s coworkers, who all hated him so much, may have had to teach him at one point. snape would’ve been in school with him, albeit a few […]