amidtheflowers: amidtheflowers: tokyotheglaive: amidtheflowers: tokyotheglaive: amidtheflowers: tokyotheglaive: brucebannersbadmanners: It occurred to me that the T-rex (we really need an official name for her) from the original Jurassic Park only killed one human in the movie, and it was that shitty lawyer who abandoned the kids anyway, so he had it coming. She wasn’t in the […]

British Slang Guide for British Characters

anais-ninja-blog: lonelygingerpies: buckmerogers: Written by someone from Britain. 1. Bloody – Damn. Socially acceptable to use, some of my teachers use it, and my gran does too. You can’t use this enough. 2. Arse – ass but more derogatory. You wouldn’t say this to your grandparents, generally. Parents, it depends who you are. 3. Fiver […]

bodhishadow replied to your post “Dear “gentleman” sat next to me on the bus today, If you think that…” So wait, did you kick his ankle every time he crowded you? Because that is a perfect and epic thing to do. Since he was in my space, all I had to do was, you know, […]

jonesandbennett: everything I’ve learned from the BBC and various books growing up tells me that nothing happens at Oxford and Cambridge except murders, secret societies, homosexual longing and possibly the occasional orgy (which begins in homosexual longing and ends in someone being murdered)

Writing Tip

catastrophicallyinlovewithbooks: because I see this everywhere and most people don’t know about it. The hyphen(-), the en-dash(–) and the em-dash(—) are three completely different things with completely different uses. If you write fanfiction, it’s likely that your readers won’t care, but if you want to submit a manuscript for publishing, you need to know the […]

How much is Cap’s salary tho? I’m wondering about his net worth

boogiewoogiebuglegal: sabrecmc: jayleeg: theactualcluegirl: sabrecmc: I think the theory is that he had back pay and combat pay or something for his time in ice, so he’s doing okay, though presumably can’t access his accounts, what with being a fugitive.  Personally, I fucking LOVE the idea of half of America running GoFundMe accounts for his […]