aaronsmithtumbler: In 753 BC, the twins Romulus and Remus had a fight over where to found a city. Romulus won, killed Remus, and named the city after himself. Sometimes I think about the other universe, the one where Remus won and got to name the city. Did Reme grow glorious? Did it found a Reman […]

Job opening: Time Traveler

evilsupplyco: Job opening:Time traveler, must provide own temporal locomotive device. Request:Return to the Library of Alexandria an hour before the destruction began and secure every book, scroll, and other media. Paradox prevention:All items will be secured in forbidden and eldritch libraries to allow study but not interference with the flow of time. Compensation:Name it. Apply:Before […]

Plan A Romance Novel To Find Out Which Greek Muse You Are

Plan A Romance Novel To Find Out Which Greek Muse You Are ucflibrary: buzzfeed: This quiz has EVERYTHING: Scarred and misanthropic ex-soldiers Musk and cardamon-scented heroes Outspoken, scandalous older women Fake marriage tropes Third-act conflicts!! Oh sweet mercy, this quiz made me realize how much my internal self insert fic falls into this pattern.