Writers as Marvel Characters Part II

3intheam: Nick Fury: Doesn’t actually write anymore, once posted something in 2008 that had 20k notes. Has been cruising on reputation and infamy since. Reluctant fandom mom because they’ve been around for so long. Feeds plot bunnies to their minions. Doesn’t have big hair but knows everyone’s secrets. Nobody knows theirs.  Gamora: E. M. O. […]

Writers as Marvel Characters

3intheam: Steve Rogers: Diligent. Politically, scientifically, anatomically, emotionally correct. Posts on time. Sticks to the schedule and their own well-mapped-out-and-classic-plot. Actually enjoys constructive criticism because it will help them improve but has been known to reply with, “Well, actually…” Always trying to help. Annoying but has good intentions.  Bucky Barnes: A writing machine in Winter Mission Mode […]

seananmcguire: siancrosslin: Apparently now is the time for uncomfortable truths because I’ve just had it. How many posts have I seen that talk about fanfiction ‘setting the bar higher’ or about how ‘unoriginal’ published fiction is? How many posts have I seen where someone’s saying “I wish someone would write about X thing that subverts […]

systlin: dracota: roastedduck: fur-bies: i let the furby skins soak in fabric softener after i washed them and my sis found them and sent me: and i have never laughed so hard x’D never do i ever want to hear the words “furby skins” uttered ever again You never peeled a furby? What the absolute […]

mondieuwordnerd: Me as a consumer of entertainment: wants drama, bad decisions, complicated relationships, high emotion, villians with chemistry, dysfunctional lust, addiction, fights, like literal first meetings being in battle, volatile conflict, #notrelationshipgoals and sweeping passion. Me as a human: likes kindness and communication, mutual respect, brunch, healthy interactions, hiking

twistedingenue: Can someone write me a post IW fic that deals with the inevitable religious fallout from an event that seriously resembles the rapture? Bonus points for dealing with differing viewpoints and not just the fundie crazies. Please and thank you.

thehangryslush: trickerydickerydock: ragnarokgay: trickerydickerydock: ragnarokgay: The reason they killed Loki in the first ten minutes is because Loki absolutely would not have hesitated to kill Vision, or steal the time stone. Avengers: Someone’s killed Dr. Strange and Vision! Loki, admiring his new necklace and glowing yellow paperweight: Tragic Wanda: if we destroyed the mind stone […]