As predicted, once all the practical stuff for dad’s estate was dealt with, the emotional wheels have started to come off. I’m averaging three hours sleep a night which is so helpful. I asked if I could take two weeks of unpaid leave from work in September, just so I can have a little fallow […]

mierac: fullhalalalchemist: bonkai-diaries: Bruh many people have been saying since the beginning he is going to come after citizens. First he came for undocumented, then for green card holders, and now for actual citizens. This doesn’t end with just that. This is also happening in the context of an extremely close Senate election in Texas […]

prettyokayray: charlesoberonn: The song “Jolene” but the singer never stops describing Jolene, going into more and more details and getting more and more disturbing until you’re not sure what Jolene is except that you’re afraid of her. ♪ your teeth are sharp / your mouth agapeyour claws rend flesh / there’s no escapefrom the judgement […]

actuallylotor: my favorite kind of fanfics are “canon divergence” because it’s always like handing back a reviewed essay with comments like “I enjoyed the strong beginning but here is where you lost me, I’ve made some notes”

ishmaelsassafras: pvstelheart: lovecarriemost: vuittonable: Will Smith went to London and dressed up as a Boots sales assistant to promote Jaden’s new water brand ….. what dimension are we living in “Brand of water” look at our society, we need a good old fashioned culling. The kid is just doing what he wants to better the […]

thebibliosphere: imrix: thebibliosphere: luritto replied to your post “I just followed you over those “things my new physio has said” posts,…” You had a year book? We did. Actually that’s kind of a a funny story. I went to a vaguely pretentious academy that thought it was hot shit, as I’ve mentioned vaguely before (and […]