argumate: class-struggle-anarchism: been seeing a lot of variations on this take recently – it’s one of the most common pro-immigrant sentiments and also one of the worst – the line that says we should welcome migrant workers because working class Australian/British/US etc citizens are too spoilt or lazy or consider themselves too good to do […]

euryale-dreams: vamppirre: euryale-dreams: You know, I think it’s actually really fitting that the vice president used a fake rabbi to express his fake concern for our lives. He did? Are you sure? Absolutely. The so-called ‘rabbi’ that spoke on behalf of Pence at his rally is actually a Christian missionary. He belongs to a movement that […]

soyeahso: to-see-with-eyes-unclouded-by-h8: soyeahso: soyeahso: soyeahso: Amazon just recced me a show called Hidden Killers of the Edwardian and Victorian Home and I’m a little creeped out by how well it knows me. I’m like 10 minutes in and have learned more about early household electricity than I probably wanted to know but seriously anyone writing […]

copperbadge: drownedinlight: copperbadge: shredsandpatches: I just scrolled past this thread again and it occurred to me to look something up and now I know that since submarine-type vessels were being tried out in England by the mid-18th century and the first military submarine was built in 1775 (right around the time the action in Wuthering […]

forthegothicheroine: Villains in Addams Family movies go to really unnecessary lengths to defraud them of the family fortune. These people just give it away on whims all the time. If I just walked into the house and started wearing their clothes and spending their money, they wold start introducing me as Cousin Intruder and forget […]

Do people 50+ still like reading/writing NSFW stuff? Do they still feel sexual attraction in real life?

telesilla: No and no. The only feeling you have after you hit 50 is a deep feeling of utter contempt for the young. Okay, maybe I should tone down the salt, because it’s just possible you don’t really know how ageist and rude this is. First, I’m going to answer this like it wasn’t rude. […]

samantha-shakespeare: Some of you may have seen my earlier posts about the death of Vichai Srivaddhanaprabha, the Leicester City Football Club owner. But four other people also died in the helicopter crash outside The King Power Stadium, Saturday 27th October.  Two of Vichai’s staff, Nursara Suknamai and Kaveporn Punpare, the pilot, Eric Swaffer and his partner […]