fantheoriesandfoodporn: So, fun fact for all of you history dorks, but you know that legend about Cleopatra being so rich and trashy that she would drink her wine with crushed up pearls in it? Pearls are mostly Calcium Carbonate. When they mix with acids (such as those in wine) they produce carbon dioxide like little […]

the signs as fairy tale aesthetics

enchanted-teacup: aries: stolen treasures, flashing swords and thunderstorms taurus: wild woods, hidden curses and fur gowns gemini: gingerbread cottages, wildflowers, and potion vials cancer: glass slippers, enchanted springs and gemstones leo: sleeping dragons, secret keys and gold crowns virgo: pressed flowers, wild hair and fairy wings libra: ermine trim, magic mirrors and a throne scorpio: […]

argumate: inferentialdistance: argumate: why is it always “oozing” with testosterone, why not “sparkling”, “bubbling”, or “spritzing” with testosterone Because “oozing” is at the masculine end of the spectrum. You can also be “lumberjacking” with testosterone or “patriarching” with testosterone. he oppressed manfully down the stairs