the signs as fairy tale aesthetics


aries: stolen treasures, flashing swords and thunderstorms

taurus: wild woods, hidden curses and fur gowns

gemini: gingerbread cottages, wildflowers, and potion vials

cancer: glass slippers, enchanted springs and gemstones

leo: sleeping dragons, secret keys and gold crowns

virgo: pressed flowers, wild hair and fairy wings

libra: ermine trim, magic mirrors and a throne

scorpio: eternal love, haunted forests and crushed velvet

sagittarius: red roses, magic lamps and a castle steeped in fog

capricorn: swan feathers, ice palaces and a string of pearls

aquarius: leather-bound spell-books, wooden cabins and mason jars

pisces: mermaid tails, crescent moons and a raging sea

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