Honestly I’m insulted that Hydra never sent the Winter Soldier for Peggy Carter. She was Trouble with a capital T.

Who says they didn’t? Buck just never got the job done because Peggy is fucking awesome! She’s immortal; therefore, impossible to kill.

This makes me long for a series of comedic shorts in which Peggy blithely escapes the Winter Soldier’s elaborate and over-the-top killtraps, Road Runner style.





Acting like the crows won’t try to cheat the system.

Acting like the crows won’t snatch cigarettes outta people’s mouths.

Acting like murders won’t fight viciously for terf.

If they cheat the system then they earned it.

Crows reduce the rates of lung cancer by aggressively nabbing cigarettes, news at 11.

fuck it let’s just have public health policy via crows









i dont think american filmmakers realise how huge london is, because sure you have the london eye and houses of parliament but when you say ‘london has fallen’ what??? so the nandos in catford is in flames? the tesco in peckham has descended into chaos? wtf??


And even if Peckham Tesco goes down you’ve still got the Lewisham one open 24 hours, yeah you’re in trouble on a Sunday evening but even in a survival situation you can probably hold out till Monday because all the local takeaways would still deliver, no one can stop those guys and no one should try

yeah and making it a little serious for a second, the city has such a historical/cultural expectation of being (or at least appearing) resilient in response to destruction that these portrayals are not realistic at all.

If you talk to people who were in London on 7/7 I feel that they use very different language about their experience, vs. people who were in New York City for 9/11. The brush with destruction is not portrayed as a life-changing experience, if that makes sense. The expectation is that the city has to keep moving. That obnoxious “Keep Calm and Carry On” poster (now a meme) was actually designed and printed in readiness to be posted everywhere if London actually fell to Nazi occupation. the expectation was that “descent into chaos” would let everyone down.

Like, in the London Blitz people made “not giving a shit as the city is gutted around you” into an art form. 

this lady would make a great reaction image for drinking truth tea in the wake of drama:

like look at these guys here

“oh ffs that was my BUS”

I mean this guy is just delivering the milk like


or this extremely safe community policing

“remember girls you need TWO policemen to go past the unexploded bomb”

or this 

“hey Bridezilla your window fell off”
“fuck off Helen this is my SPECIAL DAY”


“guys you’re supposed to be – guys pay attention”

“Hey what should we do we are literally being bombed right now”
“idk go hide in the tube??”
“but it’s the kids’ bedtime”
“yeah, but like… bombs

“wait I’ve got a plan, we go to the tube and then…”

“ok so … so we’ve literally just tied the children to the train tracks”
“shh…. they’re sleeping…. they’re safe now”

or this cheeky lil shit

apparently he’s reading a history of London


Anyway it’s not like Londoners are super brave or anything, it’s just that on the one hand there might be giant alien sea dragon robot tsunamis smashing the recognizable landmarks, but on the other hand they gotta make rent 

I mean there’s also the fact that we actually not long ago had a sort of Purge-type ‘London has fallen’ situation irl: the 2011(?) riots happened up and down the country, but London was particularly badly swamped. People were smashing shop fronts, stealing various crap, setting fires, the whole shebang. 

And d’you know what, among other things, happened in response? Buncha people took to the streets in the aftermath, armed with brooms and bin bags, and just started clearing away the rioters’ mess. Like the riots caused plenty of upheaval, sure, but on the level of the people whose neighbourhoods were affected, the reaction was largely ‘okay, fuck them, let’s sort this place out again’. And thus were the Riot Wombles born. (I am not kidding, that is genuinely what people called them). 

Honestly, I think the typical response in this country when greeted with disaster can be summed up in two words:

“Right, then!”

I can’t help feeling that London’s reaction to a disaster-movie-scale event could be summed up in two additional words:

Apocalypse Wombles.

I’m a Londoner, and I can second this. tbh the entire country’s like this, in different strengths, but London seems to have it condensed. It’s why seeing American films doing the whole Apocalypse thing in England is like…yeah, no, that’s not what would happen, the English would pretty much stare the Apocalypse down and sigh and put the kettle on, because this was going to take a little bit more than the Marigolds and a broom this time.

I’ve met people who live actually in London (I’m close but technically outside), who don’t even remember the London riots. It’s possible they’re just idiots, but I believe also a chance that there’s such a commitment to carrying on that once it’s done, it’s done.


“Mr. Engstrom handed over outtakes from “Bull” in the belief that they would help the company’s cause, because they showed Ms. Dushku cursing on the set, investigators wrote in the draft of their report. The strategy backfired. The outtakes were a “gold mine” for Ms. Dushku, the lawyers wrote, because they “actually captured some of the harassment on film.””

— If anyone wants to understand why the US social climate is the way it is, just point them to this article, in which a CBS worker thinks he has destroyed a woman’s credibility by providing evidence she uses profanity unbecoming to a woman–all while failing to realize the same video contains proof positive of the very accusations she is making. (via sarahbatistapereira)