roboticonography: caleysteggy: misterbuckyrogers: Honestly I’m insulted that Hydra never sent the Winter Soldier for Peggy Carter. She was Trouble with a capital T. Who says they didn’t? Buck just never got the job done because Peggy is fucking awesome! She’s immortal; therefore, impossible to kill. This makes me long for a series of comedic shorts […]

thetimesinbetween: celticpyro: paradisemantis: keyhollow: Acting like the crows won’t try to cheat the system. Acting like the crows won’t snatch cigarettes outta people’s mouths. Acting like murders won’t fight viciously for terf. If they cheat the system then they earned it. Crows reduce the rates of lung cancer by aggressively nabbing cigarettes, news at 11. […]

pollydoodles: pale-alchemist: decepticonsensual: thepraxianweasleygeek: elodieunderglass: deputychairman: hamsilton: blxxdfae: i dont think american filmmakers realise how huge london is, because sure you have the london eye and houses of parliament but when you say ‘london has fallen’ what??? so the nandos in catford is in flames? the tesco in peckham has descended into chaos? wtf?? @deputychairman […]

twistedingenue: “Mr. Engstrom handed over outtakes from “Bull” in the belief that they would help the company’s cause, because they showed Ms. Dushku cursing on the set, investigators wrote in the draft of their report. The strategy backfired. The outtakes were a “gold mine” for Ms. Dushku, the lawyers wrote, because they “actually captured some […]