idk if anyone remembers watching the show “ER”

but there was this really repulsive character who spent, like, 4 million seasons sexually harassing alex kingston’s character.

and at first she was like, “oh sorry, I don’t date coworkers” except she was dating her coworker played by eriq la salle.

and then she was like, “oh sorry, I just don’t like older bald men” except that she was dating her older balding coworker played by anthony edwards at that point.

and the whole point of this entire character was to show up, be gross to alex kingston, get rejected, get humiliated, and then attempt to retaliate. that’s all he did.

and that was all he did for so long, even the writers apparently got the the point where they said “why the fuck do we keep bringing this shitsack back?” maybe the actor was a really good guy, idk. a lot of really bad characters are played by really nice people.

so anyway, they dropped a helicopter on the character.

it is one of the most memorable moments in television history to me, and i think i am alone in feeling that way.

Nah, we all loved it. Especially when his arm was severed by a helicopter blade a few seasons earlier, upping the irony of his death while removing his justification for being a smug shithead.

medically accurate muscle chart:








As someone who works in therapy for a living, I can confirm this is 100% accurate


For Traitor: neck retraction exercise. While lying in bed with your head flat against the mattress, give yourself the biggest double chin you can. Repeat 10 times.

For Jackass: stop hiking your shoulders up to your ears. This is pretty much a stress thing, it’s human instinct to protect our neck when we’re under stress so that predators can’t get at it. Easiest way to do that is be elevating the shoulders, so. Periodically take not of where your shoulders are at.

Absolute Fuckwaffle: stretch out your chest. The rhomboids on the back work to keep our shoulder blades back, so when we’re hunched forward they are constantly straining to do their job. Unfortunately it’s not as simple as telling you to stand up straight, since our pectorals get chronically tight and prevent us from doing so. Step one: pectoral stretches. Hold for at least 20 seconds.

Asshole: Superman exercises. Like the rhomboids, the ESGs are straining against the slump. Stretching the chest will help them, too, but then you e got to strengthen your back. Do 20 of those per day.

traitor tried to murder me last night and fuckwaffle is always up on my shit

I’m gonna try these tips


things for @thebibliosphere to share with the SuperPhysio… lol


For everyone disappointed in the toxic tropes and bad writing of Sierra Burgess but looking for the fat representation that COULD have been, PLEASE watch Dumplin’⁠ ⁠on Netflix.

It’s got the positivity and loving yourself and found families and Dolly Parton and drag queens that we all need!