anais-ninja-bitch: anais-ninja-bitch: idk if anyone remembers watching the show “ER” but there was this really repulsive character who spent, like, 4 million seasons sexually harassing alex kingston’s character. and at first she was like, “oh sorry, I don’t date coworkers” except she was dating her coworker played by eriq la salle. and then she was […]

medically accurate muscle chart:

prettysicksupply: ipaintmelodies: curlicuecal: stele3: nineprotons: shutframe: unmutedlark: As someone who works in therapy for a living, I can confirm this is 100% accurate @cosmicdwarf For Traitor: neck retraction exercise. While lying in bed with your head flat against the mattress, give yourself the biggest double chin you can. Repeat 10 times. For Jackass: stop hiking […]

gertchaselove: For everyone disappointed in the toxic tropes and bad writing of Sierra Burgess but looking for the fat representation that COULD have been, PLEASE watch Dumplin’⁠ ⁠on Netflix. It’s got the positivity and loving yourself and found families and Dolly Parton and drag queens that we all need!

geekandmisandry: If various companies think that pulling their content from Netflix so they can host their own streaming service will make them sign up to theirs then they are wrong. It will just make me pirate their content again.